A brief "How to" guide for Virgins on the Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience Participation!

" Is this a showing of the movie, or a play?"

We do what is known as "Shadowcast" We do play the movie, but we also have a live performing cast. It's really cool to see out cast try to mimic what is going on on the screen.

"What are "props?" And what do we do with them?"

"Props" are sold at the theater, usually for $3 a bag. It is an essential part of the RHPS experience. We allow you to trash the theater by throwing the items in the bag, ranging from toilet paper (yes we Tee Pee the theater) to cards. We even allow you to shoot squirt guns! (Prepare to be wet!)

"What should I take to a showing of RHPS?"

Plenty of friends (optional).
A sense of humour and an expectation of fun (required).

"What should I expect at a showing of RHPS?"

Expect the unexpected. Okay, that was a predictable answer. Sorry. Expect to possibly get your clothes wet. Expect to get hit on. Expect to see nudity (or something close to it). Expect to possibly be somewhat offended. Don't be upset if not all of this happens, though - We make no guarantees. For the most part, expect that you'll have a good time. Sure, there's raunchiness, and sure, you might not like the person breathing heavily on you, but for the most part, Rocky-goers have respect for each other, and won't overstep any limits you set. Unless, of course, those limits are ridiculously prudish, in which case you should re-evaluate whether you should be at RHPS in the first place.


"What is a "Virgin" In Rocky terms?"

Don't worry, we are not asking you if you ever had sex when we ask if you are a "virgin". A RHPS Virgin is, (In our terms, it varys by cast) someone who hasn't seen live RHPS in that theater.

"What's with this Audience Participation thing?"

It's a main part of RHPS. The audience "calls-back" lines to the screen. These are often called "call-backs" or "lines." Also, in various parts of the movie, the audience members throw things all over the place and make a big mess. Lots o' fun.

"What should I wear to a showing of RHPS?"

Nothing - or at least as little as possible. Well, lots of black is usually good. As is lingerie. As are fishnets. And too much makeup (especially if you are a guy). Basically, the weirder the better. You'll feel strange leaving the house (or office), but once you get within a hundred yards or so of the theatre, you should fit right in. Extra bonus points are awarded for dressing as a character in the film.

"What should I do during the movie?"

Have fun. What you do is up to you. You can sit back and enjoy the spectacle, you can be active and a part of the spectacle, or whatever else you want to do (as long as you don't get caught).