Who the %^@& IS Oblivion's Wife and Kids?

A diverse cast ranging from preps, goths, freaks, geeks, models, artists, photographers, and musicians come together to perform in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Rated in recent years in the top 5 "Shadowcasts" in the United States. An experience to be had by young, old, new fans, and old fans alike.

The name of our cast comes from the "call back" following Riff Raff's "Say Hello to... Oblivion!" The audience replies "Hi Oblivion! How's the wife and kids? Your wife. My kids!" Clever and witty, the cast enacted this as our name in 2005, after years as "Bowling Green Rocky Horror Cast".

We are the cast from the Cla-Zel theater in Bowling Green. We also have "Dr. Scott"(of the famed "Dr. Scotts" Pinball in Maumee OH.) on our cast from the original Maumee Theater. When the Cla-zel shut down, we were left to look for a new home, and lost with out our weekly fill of Transylvanians. The Paramount Cinemas now hosts us on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month, with other special venues for Halloween.

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